BMW Winter Tips and Tricks

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Gear up for the winter season and be ready for any harsh weather, whether it be cold temperatures, snow storms, or icy road conditions. BMW Toronto is here to make this season as safe as possible with our tips and tricks. Be sure to check out our BMW products and accessories to ensure your BMW vehicle is equipped for any obstacle.


☑     Keep Your Gas Tank as Full as Possible

Always maintain a full tank of gas. This will limit condensation in your gas tank and prevent your gas line from freezing during the colder months. If you are unfortunate to be stranded this winter – your engine is your only source of heat. Ensuring your gas tank is full can also save you from untimely repairs.


☑    Top-up Wiper Fluids and Replace Wiper Blades

Driving during Canadian winters can make for a dirty windshield and running out of washer fluid can greatly reduce visibility. Having enough wiper fluid is critical to keeping your windshield free of ice, snow and salt. Installing heavy-duty BMW Wiper Blades can also help keep your windshield free of winter precipitation.


☑    Install Winter Tires and Check Your Tire Pressure

Equipping your vehicle with winter tires increases your traction, braking and handling during snow conditions. It is best to changeover your tires when temperatures will regularly be at 7°C or below. Maintaining correct air pressure is also a requirement for good handling and durability. The autumn season and early winter months are the best times to check inflation pressures, as air contracts in colder temperatures. Looking to purchase a winter tire package? Click Here.


☑    Check Your Battery

In extremely cold temperatures, the chemical reactions required to generate power in a car battery can significantly slow down. Have your battery tested or replaced  to make sure it is up to the challenges of the season. BMW Battery Chargers are a great emergency tool to maintain the vehicle voltage and prevent damage and premature wear to your battery.


☑    Check Your Coolant

Antifreeze acts as a key agent in providing heat inside your car’s cabin. It is an important fluid in circulating through your cooling system and protects against damage by keeping your engine operating within the correct temperature range. Over time, antifreeze will break down and lose its ability to provide protection to the engine. It is important to replace it before it wears out and loses its protective qualities.


☑     Be Ready for Any Emergency

Create an emergency kit that includes items such as: booster cables, flashlight, small shovel, snow brush, windshield wiper fluid, first aid kit, blanket, gloves, heavy socks, and emergency flares.


☑    Protect Interior with All-Weather Floor Mats

When you enter your vehicle, you are not alone as you bring with you snow and slush. Keep your carpeted floor mats clean and dry with BMW All-Weather Floor Mats and Liners that have impermeable material and are easy to wipe dry or just shake off. This prevents moisture from building up, which helps avoid condensation (fog) on your windows that creates a hazard while driving. It also helps to minimize unpleasant odours that may be caused by wet floor mats.


☑    Cargo Trunk Mats

Along with the vehicle’s floor mats, it is also helpful to keep your trunk dry as well via cargo trunk mats. Whatever items you store in the back of your vehicle, this will prevent any dirty or liquid from spreading in your trunk. Cargo trunk mats also assist with avoiding condensation of windows and unpleasant odours.


☑    Check Your Headlights and Brake Lights

Visibility is a key safety measure while driving during the dark winter months. Ensure that you are able to see clearly while driving and that your vehicle is visible to other drivers on the road. Preform a check on your front and rear lights to make sure they are functional and no light is out.


☑    Prevent Foggy Windows From Condensation

One way to prevent fogged up windows are by changing your cabin air filters as dirty filter prevents air exchange via ventilation and air conditioning. Additionally, keeping water drains clear, especially where the hood meets the front windshield and in the back at the top of the trunk. Water can accumulate in these areas if there are leaves or needles that prevent it from draining. Check the seals around your windows and sun roof. Leaks can make the inside of your car damp.
To get rid of fogged up windows fast:

  1. Turn on the air conditioning, which will usually have a built-in de-humidifier.
  2. You can also press the car window defroster button on the climate control panel.
  3. If your car does not have climate control, set the vent to the highest setting, direct the air toward the windshield and use the fresh air mode.
  4. Use a chamois to wipe away the condensation from the window.


☑    Consider a Roof Holder for Safe Storage

Safely carry all of your winter equipment or extra items by investing in a BMW Roof Accessory/Attachment. There are various types based on your needs. For those who do winter activities, the Ski and Snowboard Holder, Bike Rack, and/or Kayak Holder may be ideal. For those who travel or simply need more space, the Luggage Holder and Roof Box are optimal options.


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