Warranty Packages.


Providing You With Peace Of Mind. BMW Financial Services Protection Products Provide Optimum Protection For You And Your Vehicle.


Mechanical Breakdown Protection.

  • Coverage for out-of-warranty repairs beyond the New Vehicle Warranty Period of 4 yrs/80,000kms.

Appearance Protection.

  • Provides interior and exterior protection that keeps your BMW looking like new.

Tire & Rim Protection.

  • Provides tire and rim repair or replacement protection in the event of damage due to road hazards.

Excess wear & use protection.

  • Provides peace of mind by obtaining protection against excess wear costs that you might otherwise be required to pay at the end of your lease.

New, Pre-Owned & Certified Pre-Owned Warranty.

  • Drive worry-free with BMW. Whether new, pre-owned, or certified pre-owned, our warranty has you covered at every turn.

Off-make Warranty.

  • Explore confidence in every drive with our warranty for off-make vehicles. Even if it’s not a BMW, our coverage ensures peace of mind on every journey.

And other Extended Warranty Options.