Protection Products

Adding protection products with BMW Financial Services just makes good sense.

At BMW Toronto, we believe that piece of mind is paramount to an enjoyable driving experience.

Designed for both security and value, there's no better option to protect you, your vehicle and your loved ones than BMW Financial Service Protection Products. We offer extra coverage for you, your family, and your new investment. Standard automobile insurance offers decent peace of mind, but it doesn't cover everything, and a little extra protection never hurts - if the price is reasonable and the payout makes finance sense. Only you can decide what balance of risk, protection, and cost you're comfortable with.

We have carefully developed our Protection Products to address the most common, costly, and disruptive contingencies that might occur while you enjoy your BMW. Our products have been designed for both security and value, making it easy for you to take advantage of them to protect yourself and your loved ones - including your BMW.

Road Hazard Protection
Protect your tires and rims, and steer clear of repair costs. Because the road will never be as perfect as the ride.

Creditor Life and Disability Insurance

Choose Creditor Life and Disability Insurance to complement your lease or loan. Because the road of life can be uncertain.

Excess Wear & Use Protection
Our Excess Wear and Use Protection has been designed to keep you safe from additional costs at the end of your lease.


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Road Hazard Protection
Protection that's with you, every step of the way.

Excess Wear & Use Protection
Now, this is end of lease coverage.

Creditor Life and Disability Insurance
Keeping you protected.

BMW Appearance Protection
Your BMW provides ultimate performance, but isn't it nice that it looks so good doing it?