55 Point Inspection $59.95 + Receive 15% off Wiper Blades

Offer expires February 28, 2019 

Ensure your BMW is winter-ready with a BMW 55 point inspection. This inspection includes checking your fluid levels, heating system and the overall performance of your engine. Receive as a bonus, 15% OFF BMW Wiper Blades. 

Cold weather can affect your blade life as freezing temperatures makes rubber hard and brittle. This increases the chances of your blades cracking and splitting. The holders can also become clogged with ice and snow, preventing it from distributing tension evenly over the blade. If you find that your blades freeze up and leaves streaks as it skips across the glass, this is a clear indication to changeover your wipers.

BMW Wiper Blades - the benefits at a glance: 

  • High cleaning efficiency due to innovative, synthetic wiper blades 
  • Excellent results even after 300 hours of use  
  • 22 decibels quieter than regular rubber wiper blades 
  • Outstanding shape and higher surface pressure due to built-in spoiler

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