Book Two or More Flushes: Receive 15% off

Offer Expires August 31, 2019

We at BMW Toronto are committed to providing the highest level of safety, reliability, and performance to ensure you enjoy The Ultimate Driving Experience.

One of the best ways to keep your BMW performing at its best is to bring it in for a flush service. 
Receive 15% off when you book two or more flushes now until August 31st. Our flush services include:

Coolant Flush

Your coolant helps provide sufficient cooling and protection to your vehicle. It also protects various metals against corrosion and prevents excessive silicate gel precipitation which may cause the cooling system to clog. Your Coolant Flush service will remove dirt, rust, water pump and your engine's passages to ensure it is well ventilated for the drives ahead.
Fuel Injector Flush 

When an internal-combustion engine is powered down, the combustion chambers have carbon deposits that are left over. When your engine cools, the vaporized gasses from your fuel/exhaust settle on every surface in the combustion chamber, including the fuel injector nozzle. As a result, this residue can clog the injectors and reduce how much fuel can be delivered to your engine. It is recommended to have your injectors cleaned periodically to keep them flowing at peak efficiency.

Power Steering Flush

Power steering fluid is an integral component of a BMW's power steering pump operation. Over time vital power steering components will break down in your vehicle, and can result in the power steering fluid to be contaminated with debris. This can further lead to failure of steering components and costly repairs. Symptoms of a contaminated power steering system may include pulsating while steering and/or whining sound when turning the steering wheel to one side or the other.

Brake Fluid Flush

A vehicle requires regular brake fluid flushes to maintain optimum performance of its brakes. Over time, the result of extreme pressure and heat/moisture exposure, can cause your brake fluid to become contaminated and can further impair braking ability. These can also result in the damage of the hydraulic components of your braking system. It is recommended that your car's brake system is flushed every 40,000 kilometers to prevent damage and ensure the optimal performance of your brakes. 

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