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Welcome to Toronto Auto Leasing


Serving Toronto for over 20 years as the go-to destination for BMW and MINI vehicles, BMW Toronto is proud to announce the launch of Toronto Auto Leasing, TAL.


TAL is our own all makes, new and pre-owned, vehicle leasing company. We know our clients often prefer to lease rather than finance or invest cash into a vehicle. TAL is here to fill that need. Please speak to us to answer all your questions about the options and benefits of having TAL rather than a third-party lease on your next vehicle.





Leasing a vehicle at TAL is simple.  We lease all makes, new and pre-owned.  Select the vehicle you want from our inventory and we will craft a lease that fits your needs.  If you do not see the right vehicle for you, contact us.  We may have the vehicle you want incoming or may be able to find it for you.

Once you have selected the right vehicle, consider the following:

  • How many kilometers do you expect to drive annually?
  • How long do you expect to keep the vehicle?
  • Do you have a specific monthly budget in mind?
  • How much down payment do you anticipate?  We have options that include no down or can craft the down payment to fit your monthly budget.
  • Do you own a company? If so, do you wish to have the company name on the lease for tax expense purposes?


Why Lease a Pre-Owned Vehicle?

We know leasing a new vehicle can be a great option.  The same is true if you are opting for a pre-owned vehicle.  With a TAL Lease, you have the flexibility to pick the vehicle you want, new or pre-owned. We can craft a lease to fit you, factoring in the term, mileage, and financial circumstances. Want to extend your TAL lease at term, or your BMW Financial Services lease while you decide what is next? We can do that.  Flexibility is the key feature of a TAL lease.

Roughly 60% of our new car buyers opt to lease their vehicle.  When it comes to a pre-owned vehicle, leasing also makes sense.  The industry trend has been to finance rather than lease these vehicles, with finance terms often in the 72/84, and sometimes 96-month terms. In doing so, these finance buyers have made a massive commitment, and have essentially created their own residual, as most will look to trade long before their term expires.  A 48-month lease carries an affordable payment level, and shortens your commitment period, giving you more flexibility. Review your options with us and we can show you the difference.



Why Lease from TAL?

Leasing your next vehicle from TAL makes sense for several reasons.  We are already the number one place in downtown Toronto to acquire a BMW or MINI vehicle, new or used.  We offer high-quality service for all stages of your ownership cycle. With the addition of TAL, we are now a full-service, one-stop shopping location.  We can source, service, and finance your vehicle. No third party required.  We can offer flexible solutions to tailor your lease to your specific circumstances.  Contact one of our advisors to learn more about TAL, and how we can make your next vehicle acquisition a simpler process.


About Us


BMW Toronto has been the best source for premium vehicles in Toronto for many years. We bring the same commitment to TAL increasing your options to enjoy the finest vehicles from around the world. Our sales, service, and now leasing experience are second to none.

We all know leasing a new vehicle can often make sense.  This is no different from a pre-owned vehicle.  If you are considering a new vehicle but find the payment, or on-delivery fees, a little out of reach we now have the ability to consider switching to a nearly new vehicle.  This is often a great way to save some money and have more flexibility than with the new vehicle, allowing depreciation to work for you.

BMW Toronto has the knowledge, expertise, and experience that is second to none, allowing us to make your next vehicle a reality.  Having TAL as your leasing company to carry the funding makes sense. Nobody can match our ability to service your needs when in a vehicle from BMW Toronto.