BMW Run-Flat Tires

Make tire jacks and tow trucks a thing of the past

In the event of sudden tire-pressure loss caused by a puncture, a BMW approved Run-flat System Component Tire (RSC) will give you the confidence to reach your destination. Even with no tire pressure, innovative Run-flat tires will remain supported; through reinforced sidewalls, additional reinforced strips and rubber mixtures that remain stable at high temperatures.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased active safety – Regardless of sudden air-pressure loss, you can continue your journey safely and in control at up to 80 km/h for up to 150 km.
  • No need to pull over – Run-flat Tires help to avoid unsafe roadside tire changes, allowing you to comfortably drive to safety.
  • Automatic warning system – The BMW Run-flat indicator monitors air pressure and warns you if any pressure is lost.
  • Save Space – With no need to carry a spare, you can save space and shed weight, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing cost.

Investing in a set of BMW Run-flat tires means avoiding time-consuming and inconvenient tire changes, while ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.

To learn more about BMW Run-Flat tires, please contact BMW Toronto’s Parts department today by calling Call Main Phone Number416-623-4269.