Dynamic Traction Control (DTC)

Sport-Style Driving Dynamics

Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) allows for sports-style driving dynamics even when DSC is controlling stability and when wheel traction is higher.

Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) is a sub-function of the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system that can be turned on and off. DTC has two major uses: to regulate traction and to enable sports-style driving while providing active stability control.

When the drive wheels start losing traction the DSC automatically begins stabilization measures. The Dynamic Stability Control system curbs the engine output and stops slip on the wheels. In exceptional situations, however, a small amount of wheel slip can be an advantage.

The DTC also makes driving on snow and ice-free roads more dynamic. When activated, the DTC allows sporty drivers more room to maneuver around curves than the Dynamic Stability Control and even permits controlled drifts. The driver retains complete control over the vehicle in every situation and the Dynamic Stability Control’s establishing measures remain active even when activated.