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BMW Roof Boxes: 15% off

Bring Everything You Want, Wherever You Want To Go.

Whether it’s a trip to the ski hills or a spontaneous family road trip, you’re always fully prepared with the flexible transport and interior solutions from Original BMW Accessories. The BMW roof box provides a generous amount of storage space for toys and sports equipment, as well as all the family’s luggage.

The BMW Roof Rack/Base Support System easily mounts to the vehicle’s roof, enabling the secure attachment of various fixtures. Made with high-strength aluminum tubing that is especially stable and corrosion-resistant. Includes anti-theft locks.

To purchase your BMW Roof Box, visit BMW Toronto's lifestyle boutique at 11 Sunlight Park Road, Toronto ON or call (416) 623-4269 for the Parts Department

EXPIRES: 11/30/2019
Beat The Rush: Pre-Book Your Winter Tire Install

At BMW Toronto, we strongly recommend pre-booking your Winter Tire Install. Get head-start on the snow season and ensure yourself a worry-free winter.

As the only point of contact between you and the road, the tires on your BMW are the most influential factor in road safety – especially at temperatures of 7°C and below. In cold weather the rubber compounds in performance and all-season tires begin to stiffen and lose their grip. BMW-Approved Cold Weather Tires are specifically formulated to combat the cold.

To book your Winter Tire Install contact us at (416) 623-4269 or

EXPIRES: 11/30/2019
BMW Miniatures: 20% OFF

You may leave your BMW in your garage at night, but your passion for powerful aesthetics will stay with you wherever you go. Just as well that the faithfully reproduced BMW miniatures do not take up much room. Whether you display them on your desk or in your home – or even use the ones with driving function outside – these little masterpieces will make collectors as happy as casual admirers.

We do not just faithfully reproduce each car’s design, but also its characteristic details. These include imitation carpets for the footwells and seatbelts in the same material as in the actual models.

Our miniatures are handmade and often require more than 100 different process steps. A model is only accepted after it satisfied an painstaking examination by our perfectionist inspectors.

EXPIRES: 11/30/2019